Al Muhafiz Hajj & Umrah Services

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 Al Muhafiz (Pvt) Ltd was formed in 2003 with the aim to provide Quality services in the field of Hajj services. We provide facilities as Tour Operator, Travel Agents, Booking Agents, Ticketing Agents for Hajj tours. We are registered Hajj Group Organizer from 2006.

 In the last few years, Al Muhafiz (Pvt) Ltd has established itself as a market leader amongst tour operators offering people Hajj packages from the Pakistan. We offer pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia for these rites of passage at prices ranging from budget to prestige levels and are proficient in Hajj Travel.

 We provide facilities for complete documentation and filing of application forms for Hajj Visa (Pakistan Only) i.e. Collection of Hajj & Umrah applications, collection and distribution of international Passport, Airline tickets etc. on behalf of the Pilgrims.

We have Religious Scholars and multi-lingual guides to train and assist throughout Hajj. We also provide Medical and Visa facilities to pilgrims. We provide Cost-Effective accommodation in Saudi Arabia to the pilgrims as well.

We understand how important is Hajj to you. In order to facilitate your journey so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, we provide specialized Hajj service. Offering generous discounts on Hajj packages.

Hajj Travel for us is a noble service in which we aim to offer the best possible advice and assistance, making us unique from other tour operators. Other Hajj packages tend to be understated, whereas prides itself for being proactive in engaging with its groups by building close relationships.

The Registered Office of the company is situated in Multan. The aim and details of our services are as follows:

To carry on the business of Hajj Tour Operators approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and subject to any permission required under the law and provide facilities to pilgrims in Pakistan/Saudi Arabia such as traveling, residential and hoteling, visits to holy places etc.

To arrange different tour groups for visiting the holy places of Islam and to provide them all facilities as necessary such as traveling, hoteling, visa services, etc.

To introduce different types of Hajj Packages for Pilgrims according to their needs.

To carry out joint venture agreements with other Saudi Hajj Tour Operators and companies for obtaining different services like transportation, hoteling & hiring of residential buildings, etc.

Hajj Services We have been providing Hajj Service since the vary time private hajj tour operations started in Pakistan. We are licensed with Pakistan government via enrollment number 3253. During these years of our operations as hajj tour operators we have served many pilgrims perform Hajj. Salient features of our Hajj services are as follows:

• Our experienced staff accompanies the group of our pilgrims on Hajj

* We arrange training and counseling session for our pilgrims * Accommodations near Haram.

* Over phone support during visa and ticket processing

* Flexible packages for the ease of our clients

* Option of short duration of Hajj Package